Monday, October 11, 2010

A Christmas To Remember One Shot Contest!

A Christmas to Remember Contest
This contest is hosted by UNF4Rob and Hazeleyes71790
Monica and I have decided we would give this a try. We love the idea of contests, and we also love Christmas. So we thought why not combine the two, and see what happens. So whether you want to have Christmas be the main focus in the one shot, or you want it to be something that caused your theme that you pick, we want to read it :)
This is an anonymous contest. Please do not post your story anywhere online until after the contest is over or tell people which is yours. That would just not be cool and will take the fun out of it. We want everyone to have an equal opportunity in winning, so stick to it ;)
Send your submission(s) to with the following in your header. Also include this header at the top of your word document.
he dates to remember are November 1st which is when you can start sending in your submissions. December 23rd is the deadline of this contest. Voting will start December 26th and end on Janurary 2nd. Winners will be announced January 4th. There will be three winners. Alex and I will each pick one, and there will be a winner based off of a public poll.
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