Saturday, December 4, 2010

Banner I made for @conversedcullen for "Seventeen Men" her Sequel to Twinned

As Conversed says "I have been Dicknotized"  by Seventeen Men. I was a HUGE fan of Twinned and Conversed had me from the start. She takes you on such an amazing ride and you become emotionally invested in her boys and in her supporting characters from the start. I have been equally invested if not more in Seventeen Men.  I really didn't think it was possible to be any more in love than I was with Twinned. Truth be told the sequel, "Seventeen Men" OWNS me completely.

I recently have had the distinct pleasure of being a small part of the Seventeen Men Team. Truly, I am honored. I  have been so moved by the story - I made this banner for Conversed purely for my own enjoyment. Never expecting to have it posted on her blog or have others receive it so well. Her boys have been in my head everyday and that speaks volumes for her "mad skills".  I simply put her  brilliant words into pictures. A visual  that she so eloquently planted in my head.

If you have not read Twinned then I suggest you do - it is truly a moving story, of love, heartbreak, growth, angst and LOTS of Jasperisms that will purely make your heart melt. You can find and follow the lovely Conversed on Twitter here @conversedcullen. and her blog story here


  1. I'm still completely blown away by this.

    I'm not sure if you realise how you have made my fanfic life so much less stressful, particularly over the last six extremely difficult weeks.

    I'm so glad that I woke up too early one morning and noticed a chance tweet from you about the story. Imagine if I hadn't met you?

    I'm grateful for your help, your support, for this most amazing banner and, most of all, for your friendship.

    Dicknotized, as ever.

    Kate x


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